I consider wearing perfect dress is self-believe, knowing what would make heads to turn is a part of personality grooming and there is not anything more gorgeous than a woman who consider she is perfectly dressed for occasion. Goal is to encourage self-confidence through style. Believe me I have got your back. 😉

In these past few weeks I’ve found this pleasantly surprising how beautiful these new arrivals sections of my favorite retailer are. Warmer weather is going to knock at our doors soon! To check my picks for this season scroll down.


Once in a time, I come through a midi skirt that says “you can take me, I am yours” and this one surely expressed to me! It is a latest find and I could not be more happy about it. It is a classy choice for a day time gatherings and a beach party.

From its fabric, to its fairly soft color scheme this skirt is a must-have for springtime and beyond. I appreciate when a brand understands that all ladies want incredible clothes.


I have constantly loved long blazers that suited the body because they are commonly pleasing, floating over the body and forming a slimming effect. But occasionally they can be a little too defined, making the general look strict or formal.

But when I recently came across this one, which has fabric that is designed but has some stretch, I realized it was a must-have. Like all in my wardrobe, I look for outerwear clothes that are flexible, so I can simply dress them up or down. This one tests all the packages, and it is a terrific neutral color that sets well with any shade.

Midi Dress Belted:

With so many holiday events to join this year, this year is instantly turning to my favorite shopping year! For now I am finding the most wear out of midi dresses I can effortlessly dress up or down varying on the occasion.  I love midi dress, mainly one with sleeves that looks incredible with body!  I am all the time in amazement of the incredible selection of dresses.

Bringing black sexy:

For me that meant arranging an real date night where we did not talk about job, in addition to dress in something that made me feel erotic and ooze self-confidence. Obviously, I chose a peek-a-boo lace dress , the high heels and pretend a smidge more makeup than my typical bold lip.

Toward the end of the day, there is no healthier feeling than understanding your life, family and profession is taken care of. But in the middle of caring for everybody else, we habitually ignore about ourselves, and there is not anything better and more inspiring than feeling great about yourself!

Homecoming or prom just around the corner? I’m assuming you’re looking for atypical girly attire. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said there’s a lot you can do with these outfits I picked. Your dressing is a reflection of an innate personality, we can all play with the idea by either following the norms or tweaking them to fit our own personality.

If you are following BAEN Official ready-to-wear collections, you will spot plenty of fabulous colors and prints for the upcoming season. 😊